The logo for Charming Quail Jewelry Design. It is a soft purple color, with a round ring like shape. It has a quail like feather coming out of the top right, and a small quail like beak coming out of the lower right side.


Charming Quail™


Jewelry Design


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As a new business, our website is under construction,

but here’s some helpful info and links in the meantime.

And don’t be concerned if the links take you to

other websites. Once our site is finished, we’ll keep

it all in house here, but until then, these other sites will

help you find what ya need.



Charming Quail is a jewelry design business based out of

Northern Colorado. As of right now we are helping out with jewelry

focused CAD services for stores that could use a hand either

opening bottle necks or offering new services. You want unique and

engaging jewelry lines that excite customers, and aren’t found

 at every store on the block? We’ve got that in the works. And there are

 so many more things shiny plans on the horizon, I can’t wait to share

 them with you.


You want more?


Work Samples

So far, all the work done by Charming Quail™ has been

proprietary and belongs to our clients. So, we can’t share

that work, but you can visit this site to see samples from previous

 work experience. Then you can enjoy more personally selected samples

 by sending a quick howdy-do.


CAD Services

Here’s a link to learn more about the CAD services that

we offer. After checking it out, be sure to call or email us

with your next question.



Feel free to contact us by phone call, text message or email

with any questions. We look forward to hearing from you.